468708_10150955123442530_1942667261_oHello everybody!  I have more ‘news’ that I’d like to share with you. In an effort to capitalize on a songwriting and solo CD push, Edgar Loudermilk will be exiting the group at the end of this year’s touring season. Over the last few years especially, Edgar has spent many hours honing and crafting his songwriting skills and he now feels it’s time to bring his work and, also, lead vocal abilities, to the ‘front of the stage’ and into higher exposure than what his position in RUSSELL MOORE & IIIRD TYME OUT will allow. Edgar’s talent has been evident since the first time I met him and it runs deeper than the playing, singing and songwriting that most of you are aware of. The love Edgar has for his family, friends, nature and God are just as strong as his love for music, and many times these ‘loves’, along with the knowledge of his big heart and the kindness he extends towards others, have been an inspiration to me! I want to thank Edgar for his hard work and all the good times we’ve shared over the last six and a half years! I consider Edgar one of my dearest friends and I, as well as the rest of the group, fully support his decision. Our prayers are with Edgar and his family, that they have continued success and all dreams are realized!