Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, the esteemed bluegrass band hailed for their timeless melodies and soul-stirring vocals, announce the release of their new single “Bluegrass” to radio today.

In late 2023, Moore surprised long-time fans with the release of not one, but TWO singles after an eight-year hiatus. “Heading East To West Virginia” and “When I Get There” were immediately embraced by radio, soaring to #1 on both bluegrass and gospel radio charts, respectively. With that kind of out-of-the-gate success, anticipation for this new music is high.

“Bluegrass” is a poignant ballad that captures the essence of a once-in-a-lifetime love story. With heartfelt lyrics and an emotive melody, the song recounts the tender first moments of falling deeply in love and the purity of such a profound connection that lasts forever. Russell Moore’s soulful vocal on this song in particular reaffirms why he continues to be a dominant force in the bluegrass genre.

“This song written by Jeremy Campbell, Ray Stephenson and Caeland Garner has unique features,” said Moore. “When we hear or see the word ‘bluegrass,’ it’s usually the genre or music form that comes to mind. For this song, it speaks of the lush fields of bluegrass that the state of Kentucky is so well known for. Another unique feature is the harmony on the chorus and how it goes in and out of falsetto mode. It’s a wonderful tale of undying love and after working up the song, we knew that we wanted to include it in the band’s recording catalog!”

“Bluegrass” is now available to radio via AirPlay Direct or by requesting a direct download.