weekly-concert-promo-2Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out will make a return visit to one of their favorite Nashville venues when they hit the stage at Music City Roots on Wednesday, May 21st. Journalist Craig Havighurst posted his preview of this week’s show and had this to say about the band: 

“This week will also feature a visit from Roots staples Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, and I say that trying to fully take in how much that means to us. These guys have received more awards as a group and individual pickers as nearly anyone in bluegrass, and they play bluegrass that dials in on all the features of the music that make it important. They can mash and drive with fervor. They can slay you with a gospel classic. They can swing like Bob Wills, as they do on my beloved “Window Faces The South.” And as their recent disc of classic covers shows, they can re-invent and re-mix. You may have been with us to hear these guys do their a cappella take on “Only You” for example. It always brings down the house. It’s just a day at work for one of the most reliable and impressive bands out there.”

You can read Craig’s entire MCR preview post here.