3TO-164-1 reworked - LargeWe are thrilled to announce our latest single, “I’m Leaving You And Fort Worth Too,” written by Russell Moore, is #1 on this week’s Bluegrass Today Top 20 Songs chart!! In addition, the song debuts on Bluegrass Unlimited’s Top 30 National Songs Chart for November!
Of “I’m Leaving You And Fort Worth Too,” Russell Moore says, “I’ve been writing on this song about 4 or 5 years and I’m glad it finally found a place on our latest CD, It’s About Tyme! I’ve been wanting to write a song that included references to my home-state of Texas for a long time. I struggled with the 2nd verse but was finally able to finish it when some Jimmy Martin-esque inspiration came resulting in one of my favorite lines in the song; ‘I miss the way she talks, the way she wiggles when she walks.’ It’s a fun tune for us and according to our live audiences, a home-run with them as well!”
Thanks to EVERYONE who has supported our new album on Break A String, It’s About Tyme!
Please enjoy this Lyric Video of “I’m Leaving You And Fort Worth Too.”