Released: 1993 ○ Label: Rebel Records

1. I’ve Waited As Long as I Can
2. Count Every Teardrop I Cry
3. Heaven Seemed So Near
4. Walkin’, Runnin’, Flyin’
5. My Heart Can’t Stop Loving You
6. Steel Guitar Rag
7. Dixie Train
8. I Can’t Stay Here Anymore
9. Someday You’ll Call My Name
10. Little Black Train
11. Silence and Pain
12. Grandpa’s Mandolin

Russell Moore: Guitar and Vocals
Ray Deaton: Electric Bass and Vocals
Mike Hartgrove: Fiddle
Barry Abernathy: Banjo and Vocals
Wayne Benson: Mandolin and Vocals
Kenny Malone: Percussion on “Grandpa’s Mandolin”