Released: 2001 ○ Label: Rounder Records

1. Come Back to Me in My Dreams
2. Medals for Mothers
3. When My Time Comes to Go
4. Drifting Too Far From the Shore
5. “Back home we have a little music barn…”
6. Drifting Too Far From The Shore
7. “Y’all wanna here a little fiddle playing?”
8. Lost John
9. Please Search Your Heart
10. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
11. The Old, Old House
12. “One of the greatest mandolin players…”
13. East Tennessee Blues
14. You Can Keep Your Nine Pound Hammer
15. “I’ll introduce you to the guitar player…”
16. A Little Unfair
17. I Hung My Head and Cried
18. I’ll Stay Around
19. Why Did You Wander

Russell Moore: Guitar and Vocals
Ray Deaton: Upright Bass and Vocals
Mike Hartgrove: Fiddle
Wayne Benson: Mandolin and Vocals
Steve Dilling: Banjo, Guitar and Vocals